How does Back on Course Scotland support students?

How does Back on Course Scotland support students?

We provide impartial information, advice and guidance to students who have left HE early regarding their options for the future. Early leavers can have in-depth and confidential discussions regarding their reasons for non-completion, current situation and next steps. Experienced HE advisers assist these clients in exploring their opportunities as widely as they wish. Our experience shows that the reasons for students leaving are often complex and may include:

  • Balancing work and study
  • Health problems
  • Disability issues
  • English language difficulties
  • Institution choice
  • Failed exams
  • Financial difficulties
  • Course choice
  • Personal, family or relationship problems


In helping a client to explore their opportunities, Back on Course Scotland advisers are likely to cover the following areas:

  • Distance learning
  • Other HEIs
  • Student finance
  • Course options
  • Employment
  • Full time/part time learning
  • Vocational training
  • Careers, Advice and Guidance
  • Disability support
  • Re-establishing a relationship with the original HEI, if appropriate


Early leavers might be signposted to appropriate specialised advisory bodies, and more formal referrals can be arranged as part of the guidance process.

How will early leavers benefit?

  • Early leavers will be empowered to make decisions about their futures.
  • Back on Course Scotland helps to avoid branding non-completion as failure by offering support and an opportunity to reflect on the experience and make informed decisions to move forward.
  • Many early leavers may not have benefited from access to IAG prior to making their HE applications. This might be the first opportunity for HE-specific guidance they have experienced.
  • Those who receive high quality, personalised advice and guidance are more likely to make choices which enable them to succeed, whether back into HE, college, professional training or employment.
  • As one of our clients, they will be supported to deal with any practical barriers and welfare issues that have contributed to their early departure.