How will HEIs benefit by being part of Back on Course Scotland?

How will HEIs benefit by being part of Back on Course Scotland?

Improving the student experience
  • This is a student-centred endeavour. Engagement by partners shows commitment to the student experience.
  • back on course Scotland will work flexibly with your HEI to complement your own retention activities.
  • Students who have ‘passively withdrawn’ from their HEI may be encouraged to get back in touch with relevant staff at their HEI as a priority.
  • Back on Course Scotland provides a service for students who have made their final decision to withdraw. By referring students to back on course Scotland, HEIs can demonstrate commitment to their duty of pastoral care.
Improved success rates

There are many reasons that students leave their course early and a number of HEIs report that students who join their courses from other institutions generally succeed and complete with good qualifications.

  • Those who engage with Back on Course Scotland will have reflected on their circumstances and may be better informed and more able to make sound decisions about their future studies.
  • HEIs are not asked to treat Back on Course Scotland students differently to other applicants. However, having had a chance to reflect on their circumstances and be better informed in making decisions about their future studies, we believe Back on Course Scotland students will be more likely to succeed.
A research and evidence base
  • Feedback from early leavers will be gathered and analysed. Trends will be fed back to the sector in order to contribute to improvement in the experience of undergraduate students.
  • There is widespread concern that the current financial climate may impact particularly on students from areas of deprivation. Back on Course Scotland will provide an opportunity to monitor this.
  • With datasets from participating HEIs and a qualitative IAG data resource, this research has the capacity to be innovative and explorative.
Research reports and annual reviews

Back on Course Scotland is modelled on Back on Course England, which ran from 2009-2012. Below are downloadable copies of the English project’s research report, ‘Leaving University Early: A Research Report from the back on course project’ (2012) and Back on Course Scotland’s annual reviews from 2014.

Back on Course Scotland
First Year Review, 2014

Back on Course, England
Leaving University Early: A Research Report from the back on course project, 2012