Top 10 tips for saving money at university or college

5 August 2014, Comments 0

We all know that higher education can be expensive and students can sometimes be unprepared for how to best manage their finances when surrounded by rush of student life. But there are number of things that you can do to help you save money and get the most out of your time at university or college.

  1. Ask your favourite stores and restaurants if they offer a student discount – tons of places and you can save loads of money.
  1. If you’re going to be sharing a flat with other people, consider cooking meals together. It will help you get to know each other and save money.
  1. Consider buying an NUS card. It costs £12 a year but you will recoup the cost with tons of savings and offers.
  1. Check out your travel options. Walking and cycling are your cheapest and healthiest options, but you can also see if bus or train companies offer student passes.
  1. Visit Fresher/new student fairs. You can pick up lots of vouchers. Plus, there are tons of free pens!
  1. Sell your old text books on Amazon or eBay.
  1. Club together with people in the same flat/floor/building as you and buy staple foods from wholesalers or cash & carry.
  1. Shop around for the best student bank account. Some offer perks like free railcards. But make sure you are aware of any charges related to overdrafts.
  1. Become friends with baked beans. They are cheap and very filling.

10. If you do experience financial difficulties, contact student services straight away to get important advice and support.



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