Success stories

We’d like to share an example of how guidance helps. Everyone’s situation is unique– but, there’s always a second chance.

“I found Back on Course really helpful – I’m also thankful that you contacted me first as I didn’t even know you existed. Leaving university early was a scary decision as I was so set on becoming a speech therapist since about the age of 13 and suddenly this was no longer going to happen, but I knew leaving was the right decision for me at the time.

The advisor’s advice reassured me that I have gained a lot of useful transferable skills which I can apply to different areas of work and that my initial career choice is not the be all and end all, nor is having an honours degree which I felt I missed out on at first. Currently I am working full-time as a retail assistant manager (yay!) with Shelter, where I volunteered at weekends while I was at university. I enjoy my job for many reasons: it’s recycling; it’s a charity and I can use my creative skills to make our shop look interesting. I have surprisingly learned that I enjoy having a management role and have decided that I want to further my management skills, such as working with a larger team for example.

I have yet to decide which career path to take- whether to go back down the speech therapy route by being an assistant or seeing what comes out of my experience at Shelter. The advisor pointed out an Open University course in management that may be useful, which I am still thinking about. I have decided to play things by ear at the moment and that seems to be working best for me just now.

Thank you for your advice and reassurance.”

Heather, Edinburgh